The research environment for ancient documents, digital epigraphy, paleography and editions

Dr. Stefan Baums de l’Académie de Sciences Bavaroise interviendra dans le cadre des programmes e.philologie PSL. Il nous parlera de « The research environment for ancient documents, digital epigraphy, paleography and editions »1

  • Quand : Lundi 9 mai 2016.
  • Heure : 17h à 19h.
  • Où : ENC, 65 rue de Richelieu, salle Quicherat.

The Research Environment for Ancient Documents (READ)  is a new software system for the study of ancient texts and their physical carriers. It is designed to support editorial, paleographical and lexicographic work on documents from any part of the ancient world, with an initial focus on South Asian manuscripts and inscriptions. Core architectural features of READ are the close linking of images, transcriptions and analysis, and the ability to handle multiple interpretations of the same document in parallel, with applications for the documentation of the interpretation history of documents and concurrent collaborative work on them. READ is implemented as an interactive web interface on top of a relational database, with the possibility of networked and local installations. It uses a self‐documenting XML schema for archival and backup purposes, and implements EpiDoc TEI for data exchange with other software and integration into existing digital ecosystems. This presentation will start with a detailed description of the source material and digital infrastructure that READ initially grew out of, supporting an international network of scholars editing and studying the oldest Buddhist manuscripts and related South Asian epigraphic corpora. It will then discuss the limitations of the older infrastructure and the design process that led to development of READ to meet the needs of existing and future user communities studying documents from the ancient world.

Référence d’un des projets du Dr. Stefan Baums:

  1. Ce séminaire sera filmé. []

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